Teach with Music & Film is intended as a clearinghouse for song and film titles that are suggested for use in teaching specific subjects. Each record is tagged by subject and includes a brief description of how that audiovisual resource may be used in a lesson plan. Each record links to open access versions of songs or films when available; this website does not contain music or film files.

This project evolved from my desire, as both an adjunct Latin American history professor and a librarian who liaises with the CCNY History Department, to encourage the use of audiovisual material in the teaching of history. The 2012 survey I sent to other Latin Americanist historians led to my article “Using Music to Teach Latin American (and World) History.” Teaching History (2014): 11-20, which makes the case for using music to teach history.

This project was a long time in the making. I would like to give special thanks to Dr. Matthew Casey of the University of Southern Mississippi and Dr. Adrienne Petty of the College of William and Mary for being early and generous contributors. I am also grateful for the pleasure of working with Sandy Trand, a student in my Gender and Sexuality in Caribbean and Latin American History course, who was awarded an Opportunities in Research and Creative Arts internship to complete metadata for existing entries and populate the database with new entries and metadata based on her International Studies research. Many thanks also to the CCNY Libraries Digital Scholarship Services team (Ching-Jung Chen, Vivian Chan, and Adriene Lara) for their care in creating this neat site in which to showcase this work and to Scott Koski for his continued maintenance.

Daisy Domínguez
Spring 2022