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Meeting on the arms control and disarmament. Shared the perspective of the United Nations as a universal forum for information sharing, negotiations, and norm-setting.

UN0002 970106_private_letters_ACC_specialized_agencies_funds_and_programmes.pdf
A letter from Kofi Annan to the members of Administrative Committee on Coordination (ACC) seeking an opportunity to meet with the executive heads for further partnership and cooperation.

A request for the Administrative Committee on Cooperation members to participate the Committee meeting to discuss further partnership and cooperation.

Note to Mr. Goulding requesting him to brief the Security Council on the situation in the Great Lakes region. This note from the Secretary-General's chief of staff, S. Iqbal Riza, is significant because Secretary-General Kofi Annan is breaking with a…

UN0004 970113_private_letter_Owada_Tajikistan.pdf
The Secretary-General notifies the president of the Security Council a delay of submission of his report on the situation in Tajikistan.

This is a letter regarding the possibility of the Security Council lifting sanctions from Libya.

UN9075 991006_private_letter_Lavrov_Israel_Palestine.pdf
Letter to Kofi Annan from Sergey Lavrov, President of the Security Council, regarding the Sharm El-Sheikh Memorandum signed between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization.

UN9074 990702_private_letter_Agam_EastTimor.pdf
Letter to Hasmy Agam, President of the Security Council, proposing to compose the military liaison component of the UN Mission in East Timor (UNMAET) with the list countries.

UN9073 990226_letter_fowler_guinnea-bissau.pdf
Letter to Robert Fowler, President of the Security Council, proposing to establish a UN Peace-Building Support Office in Guinea-Bissau

UN9071 980416_private_letter_Africa.PDF
Letter from Kofi Annan to the Security Council, submitting the executive summary of Iraq and its export of petroleum or petroleum products referred to Resolution 1153.

UN0544 991004_private_letter_Lavrov_EastTimor.pdf
Letter from Sergey Lavrov, President of the Security Council, conveying the communication to the S-G the first periodic report on the operation of the Multinational Force in East Timor.

UN0543 991004_private_letter_Gurirab_EtAl_AnnualMeetingPrincipalOrgansUN.pdf
Letter from Kofi Annan to Theo-Ben Gurirab, President of the General Assembly, Sergey Lavrov, President of the Security Council, Francesco Paolo Fulci, President of the Economic and Social Council, Yves Doutriaux, President of the Trusteeship…

UN0520 990810_private_letter_Andjaba_Kosovo.pdf
Letter from Kofi Annan to Martin Andjaba, President of the Security Council, conveying the monthly report on Kosovo Force (KFOR) operations.

UN0514 990806_private_letter_Haiti.pdf
Letter from Kofi Annan to Opertti, Didier, president of the General Assembly regarding the renewal of the mandate of the International Civilian Mission in Haiti (MICIVIH).

UN0509 990728_private_letter_Agam_East_Timor.pdf
Letter from Kofi Annan to Hasmy Agam, president of the Security Council, regarding the East Timor popular consultation process and requesting the Security Council's authorization to extend the mandate of the United Nations Mission in East Timor…
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